All the necessary information is here-eol,
the comprehensive corporate information database

The eol database delivers comprehensive data on corporate information, mainly for Japanese-listed companies. We provide a rich database of both financial and non-financial information. In addition, our diversified search functions and variety of content offer strong support in information collection relating to industries and corporate activities, and in the preparation of analysis reports.

Feature#1Allows horizontal searches across different entries via a high-accuracy full-text keyword search

Each company's 100-plus-page Yuho report has been divided into over 200 sub-entries, allowing specific information fields to be easily extracted. In addition to Yuho reports, company searches can also be conducted across several documents, including earning releases and time-sensitive disclosure reports.

Feature#2Offers an exhaustive record of corporate data

Includes mandatory disclosure material submitted to the Financial Services Agency and financial instruments exchanges, as well as various attribute information, financial data, stock prices and press releases posted on corporate websites.

Feature#3Enables easy comparisons between and analysis of companies using XBRL data

The eol database provides up to 1,800 individual accounting items. Users can easily compare data between multiple companies as well as reviewing rankings by industry. Furthermore, it offers a highly expressive graph display that allows users to visually analyze data.

Financial analysis utilizing eol's synthesis of XBRL data

Our database allows users to readily compare a company's financial data both to that of other companies in its industry and to the industry average. Our database engine enables users to quickly compare up to 1,800 individual accounting items, permitting management-centered analysis from differential perspectives.

Allows selection of companies and disclosure sample cases using search functions

Collect sample cases efficiently using either title searches or full-text document searches. Searches can be readily refined, as detailed criteria settings for search subjects are available. Searches by business content, risks, and proposals at shareholders' meetings are possible and can be used in many different situations.

Extensive non-financial information

Recently, the importance of non-financial information has been growing. In addition to financial information, eol offers extensive information including corporate governance, major shareholders, risks, issues to be addressed, and shareholders’ meetings, all available in searchable formats.

Multiple language service

The database is available with Japanese, English, and Chinese interfaces. Financial data items will be displayed in the corresponding languages as well.

Utilized by a large number of clients with diverse and varied needs

Case examples of use by financial institutions and think tanks

Used by investment banking divisions

Preceding disclosure documents can be downloaded in bulk to serve as information resources for proposal preparation.

Used by research divisions

Our services can be used as information resources for analysts to prepare published materials and reports.

Used by audit divisions

The eol database can be used for investigation of target companies’ financial and managerial conditions.

Case examples of use at universities and research institutes

Used by Economics, Business Management, and Commerce faculties and business schools

Our database can be utilized for empirical research and thesis preparation, as well as economic and accounting classes and lectures on corporate analysis.

Used by libraries

Our database can be utilized as an electronic library of documents relating to the economy.

Used for job searches

The eol database can be used to select companies that students intend to enter. Furthermore, it can also be used for the purpose of research on industry trends and risk information.

Case examples of use by accounting and law firms

Used by audit divisions

Our database can be utilized to verify and examine the case examples and legal basis for the preparation of disclosure documents and analysis reports.

Used by advisory divisions

The eol database can be used as an information resource when preparing proposals and analysis reports.

Case examples of use by companies

Used by Corporate/Business Divisions,
Executive Secretaries /Administration/Accounting Departments,
Sales Planning/Marketing /Business Strategy Divisions

Our database can be utilized for research into the disclosure information and financial condition of rival companies and clients/suppliers.

Fully reliable support system

We provide workshops and seminars as free services

Pronexus Inc. is happy to hold free workshops and seminars to ensure the effective and efficient use of eol in various applications.

Full service help desk

We will not only answer all inquiries, including those pertaining to the operation and information collection activities of eol, but will also demonstrate each function and provide examples of use.

Examples of workshop, training sessions, and seminars

Explanatory meetings on the use of eol for first-time users, introductions to new features and actual applications, introductions to case examples of support for client’s business efficiency, etc.

List of Contents

Company Attribution Information

  • company basic information
  • latest Yuho reports direct link
  • earnings, financial status and cash flow (consolidated basis)
  • history of company information and other benchmarks

Market Information

  • stock price information
  • IPO (initial public offering) information
  • Nikkei stock average
  • foreign exchange (USD and EUR)

Financial Information (dating back to as long ago as 1989)

  • summarized XBRL financial data and full XBRL financial data
  • original financial data

Disclosure Document Data (dating back to as long ago as 1961)

  • disclosure documents filed under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law
  • disclosure documents submitted to stock exchanges
  • press releases

List of Functions

Search Functions

The eol database enables searches from all perspectives, including a full text keyword search function, a basic company attribute search function, a screening function, and a search by theme function.

Comparison and Analysis Functions

Easily make yearly comparisons for each company, comparisons between rival companies in the same industry, company rankings by industry sector, and more, without any hassle over complicated operations. You can also grasp the situation visually with graphs.

Download Functions

The various documents can be downloaded to your PC. Users can utilize the collective download function for all necessary data or the individual download function to prepare their materials and reports.

E-mail Alert Function

Provides timely updates on companies that the user is following.

Multilanguage Switchover Function

Offers Japanese, English and Chinese(traditional and simplified) interfaces.