eol Asia One Data

Exhaustive record of corporate data of listed companies in major regions of Asia

Asian region’s comprehensive corporate information database, eol AsiaOne, is a database service that delivers companies’ financial information and non-financial information from various angles.
eol AsiaOne serves all users of corporate information in the Asian region with a diverse search function and a variety of contents.

Feature#1Exhaustively covers major regions in Asia

An exhaustive record of listed companies in the nine regions of Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. Covers approximately 12,500 companies and enables international company comparisons.

Feature#2Offers basic data and detailed financial data of companies

Offers detailed financial data in the respective regional levels and summarized data that can be compared between regions. Enhanced functions such as multiple language services and currency switchover.

Feature#3Enables comparison and analysis of companies between different regions with simple operation

Offers easy financial data comparison of multiple companies between countries/regions. Enables graph functions and download functions of financial data in CSV and strongly supports operations such as corporate analysis or preparation of reports.

Reliable data supervised by accounting specialists are offered to researchers.

Accounting specialists have prepared the data after detailed review, including unifying the names of financial items, summarizing financial data with consideration to the different accounting standards and systems of itemization of the respective countries and standardizing the originally different variety of industry classification. We provide high quality corporate data put together by accounting professionals to Asian economy research specialists.

POINT1Search Functions

Enables searches from any dimension including all text search function that allows pinpoint search for companies, company basic information search function, screening function, search by theme function.

Company search

On top of direct searches by company name or security codes, users can accurately focus in on any given company from a list of 20 company attributes.


Users can set the criteria to measure a company with respect to financial value, as well as market value, and highlight companies that match certain conditions.
Rankings can be made using the sort function. We offer screening by detailed financial items within the regions and screening of summarized financial items between regions.

Search by theme

Strongly supports collecting information on specific study and research themes.

Search result display screen. Lists of ranking can be created easily using the sort function which rearranges the search results.

POINT2Comparison and Analysis Functions

Easily make yearly comparisons for each company, comparisons between rival companies in the same industry, company rankings by industry sector, and more, without any hassle over complicated operations. You can also grasp the situation visually with graphs.

Financial Analysis

Offers comparison of companies’ financial situations in the same industry or comparison with the industry average between the different regions. Displays easy to understand summaries for each company.
Also provides a variety of functions including financial data comparison function, graph display function, corporate ranking by industry function. Please see for yourself.

Group comparison

Users can designate ten groups and make multifaceted comparisons by such criteria as attributes, financial status, or market information within a specific small group. Also offers full text search functions within the group.

Comparison by region/industry

Calculates the average figures for the industries of the respective regions. Enables easy comparison of industry average between the regions.

Enables easy financial analysis with comparison screen with other companies

Summary information screen

Function for comparing financial data

For example, you can compare airline companies from the respective regions in the same table.

POINT3Download Functions

The various documents can be downloaded to your PC. Please utilize the collective download function for all necessary data or the individual download function to prepare your materials and reports.

CSV summarized financial data download function

Provides financial data that can be compared between regions in general formats that can be used with spreadsheets such as Excel.

CSV detailed financial data download function

Provides detailed financial data by region in general formats that can be used with spreadsheets such as Excel. Enables detailed analysis by region.

Offers easy download of detailed financial data by region in CSV format

POINT4Language/currency switching function Language and currency of display can be changed

eol’s interface is offered in five languages.
Not only the screen descriptions but also the item names for the financial information will be displayed in the selected language. Furthermore, the currency unit of the financial data can be changed so users can see the data after conversion. With these functions, users can quickly grasp the earnings situation of foreign companies.

List of contents

Areas subject of record

Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand Exhaustive record of approximately 12,500 listed companies in nine regions

1) Company Basic Information

Country, company code, company name, company name (short), ISIN code, Industry (by countries in the Asian region), Industry (TSE-based), stock exchange, fiscal month, business segments, telephone number, fax number, headquarter location, homepage URL,
representative director; name(official position), number of employees, established date, listing date, delisting date, auditor, registry

2) Corporate Summarized Financial Data

Balance Sheet

Total Assets, current assets, cash and deposits, fixed assets, investments and other assets, deferred assets

Total liabilities, current liabilities, fixed liabilities

Total net assets, shareholders’ equity, capital, capital surplus, retained earnings, treasury stocks, minority equity

Profit/Loss Statement

Sales/operating income/current income, cost of goods sold, gross operating profit, selling and general administrative expenses, other operating expenses, operating profit, non-operating profit, non-operating expenses, current profit, special profit, pre-tax profit, corporate tax, corporate tax/inhabitant tax and business tax, minority interest, net profit

Cash Flow Statement

Operating cash flow, investment cash flow, financial cash flow, balance of cash and cash equivalent at fiscal year-end

Management Benchmarks

Earnings per share (EPS), earnings per share fully diluted, book value per share (BPS), price-earnings ratio (PER), return on assets (ROA), gross income on sales, operating profit on sales, net profit on sales, total asset turnover, shareholders’ equity turnover, sales per employee, operating profit per employee, current ratio, shareholders’ equity to total assets, sales growth ratio, gross operating profit growth ratio, operating profit growth ratio, current profit growth ratio, net profit growth ratio

3) Detailed Corporate Financial Data

Detailed corporate information items/financial data set respectively for each region

China: approximately 300 items, South Korea: approximately 700 items, Taiwan: approximately 400 items, Hong Kong: approximately 300 items, etc.

4) Market Information

Foreign exchange information

O Japanese yen O U.S. dollar O Euro O Chinese yuan O Taiwan dollar O Hong Kong dollar O Korean won

O Singapore dollar O Philippine peso O Malaysia ringgit O Thai baht